October 2020 - Guest Speaker Kevin Wildgen

Kevin Wildgen from Fly Fishing Outfitters in Avon, CO. 

Kevin began his guiding career in 1997 working with Fly Fishing Outfitters in Avon, Colorado.  He is still working there now.  

Kevin has logged over 25,000 river miles as a guide and numerous more as he began to navigate rivers in his youth in Montana.  It all began in one of those army issued yellow pump up rafts with no frame!  There were a few brushes with danger as log jams proved to be formidable obstacles for such  vessel.  Somehow he made from his youth to adulthood to enjoy many more spectacular days on the river. 



For the past 15 years, Kevin has lead a raft certification school through Fly Fishing Outfitters.  The primary purpose of this school is to help the participants to meet the Minimum Qualifications required by the Division of Parks and Wildlife in Colorado before you can guide from a boat (see attached).  However many of the participants in these schools never intended to guide, they just wanted to learn how to use their boats safely and efficiently.  These students are every bit as welcome as those pursuing a guiding career. 


The river is a special place for Kevin, a place where the rest of the world can be left behind.


 Kevin has truly enjoyed sharing this passion with his clients and students.  He is a strong advocate of preserving our precious resources and promoting how we can all participate in ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity to enjoy our time on the water.