History of HPD

High Plains Drifters Club History


HPD was formed in 1991 through the efforts of Frank and Mickey Miller and a few dedicated fly fishers. Frank had the vision to form a Federation of Fly Fishers (Now Fly Fishers International) charter club. Frank and Mickey Recruited 14 fly fishers who shared their vision. The group attended an organizational meeting in Denver and High Plains Drifters became a reality!
While the passing of years has obscured some of the clubs history, the club has grown from those original 16 members to over 190 members through the efforts of our dedicated members, past and present!
We would like to thank those individuals who saw the benefit of forming a fly fishing club and had the energy, enthusiasm and "Get it done" attitude to make High Plains Drifters the club it is today!
High Plains Drifters is an official charter club of Fly Fishers International and a 501c3 Non Profit organization.

2016 McKenzie Cup Award

In 2016 High Plains Drifters received the FFI McKenzie Cup From Fly Fishers International

The award is given annually to an FFI Club which has made an outstanding contribution on behalf of FFI.


Randy Urlik - 1992-1993

John Ehrhardt - 1994

Steve Cole - 1995-1996

Walt Dudley - 1997

Greg Palcanis - 1998,2001,2007

Dale Anderson - 1999

Mason Howell - 2001

Terry Weaverstad - 2002-2003

Keith Durett -2004

Virgil Kelleigh -2004

Brian Cummings - 2005-2006

Bob Appenzeller 2008-2010

Michael Lenzini 2010-2011

Brett Edwards 2012-2013

Tim Papich 2013-2016

Ivan Calhoun - 2016-2018

Dan Hogan - 2019-2021

Jeff Johnson 2022-2023