Guest Speaker Ben McGee March 20, 2024

Guest Speaker Ben McGee
When - March 20, 2023 @ 6pm
Where - Behind the Scenes Tap House - 10488 W Centennial Rd Suite 600, Littleton, CO 80127
The Physics of Nymphing:
We are happy to host Ben McGee for an educational experience and fly tying demonstration that you won't want to miss, covering the physics of nymphing and methods for fly selection. Ben is a career scientist in aquatic ecosystem health monitoring and has been one of Colorado's top euro and euro-hybrid fly fishing instructors, and an innovative fly designer for over a decade. 
For this course, Ben will discuss and demonstrate streamflow types and hydrodynamics, sink rates and resistance, and the control points of various nymphing methods. He will demonstrate displacement of various leader and tippet materials as well as cover some common misconceptions of the nymphing community. Ben will then transition into a fly tying demonstration to quickly show you some classics and take a deep dive into some of his newest creations. All while continuing the discussion of "hard flies vs soft flies" fly selection for different streamflow conditions and habitat types.