Casting Clinic - Slack Line Presentations - June 23, 2024

Slackline Presentations - Open to everyone - No Cost

June 23, 2024

Time - 11am-2pm

Where - Addenbrooke Park 

 600 South Kipling Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80226

Marcus Schoen -



Rivers are full of conflicting current speeds and directions, and fish seem to love to take advantage and live in the trickiest places to present a fly. As a result, a straight-line cast will often be dragged away from our target, either never getting close enough to be seen or spooking it. Slackline presentations involve putting a controlled amount of slack into our line in order to combat these different current speeds/directions, and can help us put more fish in the net. They also set our presentation up so we don’t have to mend as much once our line is on the water (if at all!), which can go a long way toward not spooking fish.  Adding these casts to your tool kit will also allow you to expand the areas you can effectively fish and even get your fly in front of fish that see less pressure!

Skills we will cover:

-Reach Mends

-Parachute/Pile Cast

-Wiggle Mend