HPD - Cutthroat Slam Rules and information

Catch and photo 3 species of Cutthroat in Colorado

How To Participate in the Challenge

  • All fish must be caught with fly fishing gear.
  • Catch all three species of Cutthroat trout in Colorado
  •  All submissions need to be caught in their appropriate native drainage.
  • There is no time limit, take what time you need and enjoy exploring new areas of our state.
  • All submissions need to include photos and a brief description of where the fish was caught.
  • Some of these fish have native drainages in multiple states, please keep your submissions to only Colorado caught fish.
  • Challenge starts January 1, 2022.




If at any point you have questions or need some more information, there are more details Here or you can send an email to

trips@flyfisherscolorado.com. Thank you for participating and enjoy the journey, it is not always the destination that matters.