Casting Clinic - September 22, 2024

Casting in the Wind and From a Boat

September 22, 2024 - 11am to 1pm

All are welcome - No cost to HPD members

Location - 

Time - 11am-2pm

Where - Addenbrooke Park 

 600 South Kipling Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80226

Marcus Schoen -


With the 2024 HPD Fall Classic coming up many of us will have the opportunity to fish from a boat, which comes with its own set of extra challenges, so this clinic will be aimed at getting participants tuned up for it. Safety is often a big concern, and the only thing worse than hooking yourself is hooking the person kind enough to row for you (particularly if you forgot to de-barb). In this session, we will go over some casting techniques that can help keep everyone safe, as well as keep you effective in the common scenarios we see when fishing from a boat. Most of these same skills are also very useful for dealing with the wind, so we will also discuss how to handle different wind directions using the same techniques so we can be effective even when the wind picks up.

Some techniques/topics we will cover:

-Casting from all angles

-Casting Offside

-Back Cast presentations

-Line Speed and Loop Formation.