Got Fish Karma?

If you've been to the local fly shop, or your sporting goods store of choice recently, you've probably seen a lot of empty fly bins. As one of the few acceptable activities during the COVID lockdown, more and more people are getting outside, hiking, camping and fishing. While we might have a different opinion if we were writing this while sitting in I-70 traffic, Its truly a great thing to see more and more people taking advantage our outdoor spaces and public lands. After all...that's what they are there for. The more people that use them, the more voices there are to protect access and conserve our resources. 

However, this mass migration to our outdoor spaces can mean we leave our mark on the land in the form of Aquafina water bottles, crushed Coors Light Cans, and Cliff Bar Wrappers. So here we arrive at Fish Karma! As fisherman, the best kind of Karma comes in the form of favorable flows, good hatches, and big fish. So how do we earn it?! How about carrying out a net filled with trash after a successful day fooling trout. And if wasn't so successful, pick up that extra bottle, and stock on some Fish Karma for your next day on the water. The fish will thank you.


Send us pictures of nets filled with Fish, and with Trash (well....just not at the same time please) . We would love to see the karma paying off, and the good that we can do for our lands.