Joe Wright Reservoir Club Trip - 8/4-8/5

Joe Wright Reservoir

Trip Capitan - Rich Miles  

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Update - July 19, 2023 from Rich

Joe Wright Reservoir Trip

Hey folks,

 Our trip for Grayling is on the horizon on 8-4 and 5, Friday and Saturday.   I drove up to the lake this past week and the good news is it is still there.  Please let me know if you are planning on attending or get a ticket on the web site.  A few of us are planning on serving lunch Friday and Saturday in the parking lot at the inlet to the lake.  Lunch is people dependent so we need a head count,  cuz, If it’s just Larry, he is on his own!

I found another campground for late decision makers: “Ranger Lakes” campground, which is about 5 miles over the top on the west side of Cameron Pass.  The campground was only half full last weekend and had a couple of lakes to fish nearby.

So let us know if you are coming up and we’ll update those joining us on the trip.


  1. This lake is at 10,000 ft so be prepared.
  2. Storms come fast and hard at this lake. You can’t see the west horizon so storms pop over the mountain quickly.
  3. If you hear thunder get off the lake as fast as safely possible!!!
  4. There is no vehicle access to the west side of the lake, if you need to beach your craft make sure you get to the dam or east side of the lake.
  5. Cell service is not available at the lake unless you have satellite access. Call home before you head to the lake.
  6. We will have one SAT phone for emergencies.




Dates: August 4th and 5th

Why August?  The inlet at the reservoir is closed to fishing until Aug 1st to allow for spawning Grayling.

As we get closer to the trip we will decide on a place to meet before fishing

You can make this a one-day trip but plan on 3 hours each way.  We are going Friday and Saturday because of the traffic in Poudre canyon late on Sunday afternoon. Your welcome to stay Sunday but the official trip will end Saturday.

Goal: catch Artic Grayling other fish in Joe Wright, Tiger Trout, Cutthroat, Brookies, Tiger musky

Average size 8-16 inches with thew state record  17 !/4 inch 1 lb 10 ounce

Other lakes to fish, Chambers Lake, Zimmerman Lake

Don’t like flat water? Try the Poudre River and Laramie River both can be good to excellent.

Numerous small creeks on the west side of Cameron Pass

Places to stay:

I was informed that all the spots at  Chambers lake campground are now full for the days of our planned outing.

I am not a RV person so I cant comment on any of these camp spots,  I and a few other will be staying at Poudre River resort in Bellvue

Here are some options:

Skyline Campground

Crags Campground

Big South campground

Aspen Glen Campground

Ranger Lake campground

Private vendors offering RV spots.

Rustic trading post ,  only 3 RV spots but do offer cabins and tent spots

Sportsman Lodge  10 RV spots with full hookups.

Note all these campsites and lodging require a drive to the lake.  The scenery is beautiful, and you may even see a moose or two.


State Forest Park Ranger Lake. This campground offers 31 electrical sites and is directly accessible from Highway 14.

North Michigan Campground 45 camping sites and 10 cabins or yurts

The Crags campground has 17 sites for tents, small RV's, or small trailers. 

Private places to stay.

Archers Poudre River Resort Cabins, tent sites limited RV sites with full hookups, cabins

Canyon Side Campground, cabins and RV hookups

Fishing can be from shore or with Belly boats, Kayaks etc.  No motorized craft.

From shore walk the shore until you see fish rise or blind cast.  The fish are within casting distance on most of the lake the hardest part is finding an area to get a back cast unless you’re a great roll caster.

Belly boat or Kayak Maybe the best way to fish the lake.  Be very weather aware.  Storms come fast and hard at this altitude.  

Easy Access on all the North side of the Lake and inlet area, the south side of the lake is open access but a difficult  hike. 

How to get there:

1 25 to Ft  Collins , go through town and head up HWY 14 (Cameron Pass)  The lake is at the top of the pass and is easily seen on the south side of the road. Travel time 2.5 to 3 hours