Almont Club Trip September 16th to the 19th

Almont, Colorado HPD Trip September 16th to the 19th


Fishing - If you are looking for Rainbows, Browns, Cutbows, Cutthroat and Kokanee why not join the HPD members who have already signed up for some fun days of fishing the Taylor and Gunnison Rivers and if you are so inclined a few areas of the East River that are open to the public. The Taylor flows out of Taylor reservoir through mostly public land until it reaches Almont 18 miles downstream. Public access is prohibited from the top of Taylor Dam to 325 yards downstream. From 325 yards downstream to the upper boundary of "Sam's" private property (about 0.4 miles): fishing with artificial flies or lures only, and all fish must be returned to the water immediately. On the rest of the river, the regular Colorado DOW rules apply.


The headwaters of the Gunnison start at Almont with the confluence of the Taylor and East Rivers. From Almont the Gunnison flows down to the town of Gunnison (approximately 18 miles) and then flows into Blue Mesa Reservoir. Information found on the web states “Fish populations in the upper Gunnison River consist of wild brown trout and a mix of stocked and wild rainbow trout, with about 3,500 brown trout and 1,000 rainbow trout present per mile. The upper section is also a renowned kokanee salmon fishery”. Mike Owen a long time HPD member recommends that you use an 8wt rod if you are planning to seek out the kokanee. Flies – red San Juan worms and red copper johns per Mike.


Lodging can be found in Gunnison and there are also two resorts in Almont that may or may not have available cabins and RV spots. The Almont Resort can be reached by calling 970-641-4009 ( and the Three River Resort's number is 970-641-1303 (  Several members have booked RV spots at Three Rivers and several others are staying in a cabin at the Almont Resort. There are also numerous campgrounds in the area.


If you are looking to go and you want to see if you can hook up with other members so you can share the cost of a place in Almont or Gunnison, you can email and Larry will let you know if he has a name or two to share. Making the actual reservation is your responsibility.


Hope to see you in Almont.