Drifters Drift - November 2020 Newsletter

xciting news for HPD


Hello to you all. Prepare to read through this entire newsletter for fun news, business news and general information to share!


The fun news is that High Plains Drifters has a new website and a new logo. The new site is contemporary and will allow for speedy updates that will be of interest to all of you including events, trips and even merchandise!


Members will not need to log into the site to access the variety of information. Take some time this weekend to explore the site. The first thing you will notice is that the classic HPD logo has been substituted with a modern, fresh logo that will make it more affordable for the club to offer branded club merchandise. The classic logo has not been retired. Anyone who orders merchandise has the option of requesting either of the logos to be printed on shirts, buffs, hoodies, mugs, etc.


Major recognition is due to board members Ed Weston, Jeff Johnson, Mike Psaltis and Chris Bevilacqua for making this website happen.


Please also recognize longtime HPD member and webmaster Marshal Estes. Marshall has worked many, many hours to keep our previous websites up and running. He has been looking forward to the day when he could officially retire from those duties. Today is his day. Thank you Marshall!


Board Election Nov. 18


November is the month when club members elect their board. Our regular monthly meeting will be via Zoom at 6pm Wednesday, Nov. 18. Please plan to attend this meeting so that you can cast your votes. Candidates are listed below.


No club dues for 2021


The club will not be collecting HPD dues for 2021. However, dues for Fly Fishers International will still be collected. The board felt we just didn't offer value this year. You are all aware that the fishing trips planned for the club were canceled in March because of the pandemic. We also were forced to cancel Kids' Day, the annual picnic and the Christmas party. And the annual Fly Show will not be held in January, which will seem very odd. Stay tuned, they are considering April 30 thru May 2.


Club Raffles

Members who have been with the club more than a couple of years will know that November also is the month when we conduct the auction that is the biggest fundraiser of the year. Given our situation with Covid-19, we will not hold the auction this year. However, we are kicking off raffles with this newsletter (see below) and via Zoom. We have some awesome prizes lined up. In addition to gear and merchandise we also will be offering a rod/reel/line combo from time to time. Don't miss future meetings!


Guest Speaker


Colorado native Rick Mikesell of Trout's Fly Fishing, now located on the South Platte River near 8th Ave, will be our guest speaker on Nov. 18. Rick will take all questions including about equipment, gear and flies. He has opinions and advice on fishing any number of local waters.


Slate of HPD candidates


Here is the list of board candidates for 2021. We will ask all members who attend the Nov. 18 Zoom meeting to vote.

President, Dan Hogan; Vice President, Jeff Johnson; Secretary, Mark Bolsen; Treasurer, Greg Hoffman; Membership, Harry "Bud" Johnson; Education Outreach, Chris Bevilacqua; Trips, Dwyne Combs; Conservation, Mike Psaltis; Fly Tying, Ralph Rhodes; Raffles, Mike Whitney