Weekend Drifters - Fishing

Weekend Drifters


In 2023, the Saturday following each HPD meeting, we are planning to pick a local water where club members can get together to fish.  If a HPD published day trip or overnight trip falls on that day, there will be nothing planned for that month.  Our main intent is to make these outings as close to home as possible so that members with limited time can get out for a few hours to fish.  We are also hoping to attract members who are new to the sport and looking for a bit of help on the water.  At this time, we are planning to pick a fishing location and post it about a week before the next club meeting.  How these postings will be structured so all interested parties can view them is still to be figured out, but we will make it happen.  A link on the HPD members only Facebook page has been proposed.


Larry Lester has generated this idea and he plans to be involved as much as he can to make this a success, but he definitely welcomes any help he can get.


If your interested in being notified  -  Weekend Drifters members please send to larry.lester@hotmail.com your name, cell, and email address and place Weekend Drifters on the subject line.  Larry did collect names at the last HPD meeting, but to make sure, please send your info again.  And if you have any suggestions regarding this venture and especially close to home places to fish, please share.