Green River - Dutch John Utah 4/19-4/25

   Green River fishing Trip

April 19 to the 25th 2024

Trip Captain – Mike Owen      Trip Captain - Dale Anderson

 HPD is going to the Green River (Dutch John, Utah) in 2024. This has always been a favorite HPD Club destination allowing new and old club members to gather for a few days to enjoy fishing together.  Several club members are already onboard and staying from the 19th to the 25th, but if you can only stay for a few days that is okay too. The more experienced club members are always willing to help the newbies to the sport, whether it be the right fly, the right rig, or how to tell a bigger fish story.  Put this trip on your calendar for a great trip to one of the best fishing rivers in the West.


As stated on the Spinner Fall Guide Service's web page “The Green River in Utah is widely considered one of the very best fly-fishing destinations in the world.  The amazing scenery and thousands of trout per mile that happily rise for dry flies make the Green River a Bucket List river for anglers of all skill levels and  Spring is arguably the very best time of year to fly fish the Green...The warmer water being released from Flaming Gorge Dam greatly increases the trout’s metabolism and initiates the most consistent aquatic insect hatch of the year, the Blue Wing Olives. The BWO begin making an appearance in March and last well into late May.  The peak hatches usually occur mid to late April during inclement weather.”

Fishing – The Green offers excellent wade fishing in both the A section and the top of the B section. For those wanting to float the river there are three sections referred to as the A section, the B section and the C section.  Primarily most members fish the A section and the upper end of the B section.  If you want to float the river both pontoon boats and drift boats can be rented or guides can be hired from either the Dutch John Resort, Trout Creek Flies, or the Flaming Gorge Resort.   Rentals or the hiring of guides is up to you.  Do remember a Utah fishing license is needed and available online or they can be purchased at either of the mentioned fly shops.  Check out this web page from Spinner Fall Guide Service for hatch info.





Section "A" Map


     The Green flows through a scenic steep-walled canyon. The rugged terrain allows access in only three areas: just below the dam ( section "A"), Little Hole (Section "B"), and Browns Park (Section "C"). 




Section "B" Map

     You can drive to these locations and fish your way up or down stream, or float the the river in drift boat or rubber raft


Section "C" Map

     The Browns are wild, produced by natural reproduction, and grow quickly in the fertile water. The average fish is 15-17 inches long . Insect hatches are prolific. Scuds are a primary food source and are effective throughout the year. Midges work on and below the surface during the winter and early spring. Blue-winged olives hatch in incredible numbers in the spring. 


So, with that said let's figure out where to stay and how to get you there:

 Where is Dutch John, Utah? - Dutch John is located in the northeastern part of the state and close to both the Wyoming and Colorado borders.  Dutch John can be reached by coming over highway 40 through Steamboat, Craig before reaching Vernal Utah where you catch highway 191 into Dutch John.  Or you can take highway I-80 in Wyoming and then dropping down on highway 119 with the turn off to 119 located about midway between Rock Springs and Green River Wyoming.  

  Lodging -  Several members who will be bringing their 5th wheels and their pop-ups over have already reserved spaces at the Dutch John Resort in Dutch John, Utah.  Dutch John Resort also has a multitude of cabin/lodging options to fit just about any budget and they do have a restaurant and fly shop. Their number is 435-885-3191.  In the past most club members have stayed here, and we all would say it is nice place, but keep in mind we are talking a fishing town not a Ritz Carlton type of resort.  Another option in Dutch John is Trout Creek Flies (435-885-3355) offering a well-stocked fly shop, a small place to eat and both motel rooms and cabins.  A few miles away from Dutch John is the Flaming Gorge Resort (435-889-3773) with again a well-stocked fly shop, a very nice restaurant and both motel and condo units (now called suites).  The suites include a full kitchen in lieu of a mini frig and a microwave which is the main offering from the two places in Dutch John.  P.S.  Reservations at either of these locations should be made sooner than later as the BWO hatch on the Green in April draws fisherman from around the world so don't wait until the last minute.

 Dutch John Resort


    Flaming Gorge Lodge


What do I need to do and how might I find someone to go with me?  Before making a reservation start talking to other club members to see who else is planning to go.  Two or three members sharing lodging will help cut the cost and possibly you can share the ride over which typically is around a 6 hour drive from Denver.  Making the reservation is your responsibility.  If you have an interest in making the trip, but you would like to see who else might be thinking the same reach out to Larry Lester ( and provide your name, contact info and the dates you are planning to go.  Larry will make a list and do his best to help you find others but talking at the club meetings is a good way to express your interest to other. 


Food – In the past we have always tried to arrange at least one night when everyone can get together to either share a potluck dinner or gather at one of the restaurants so fish stories can be told and arrangements for fishing with new friends can be made.  Breakfast and lunch are for each of us to handle on your own.  Details regarding a get together dinner will be made once we get closer to the trip dates and we know who is coming, the dates they will be on the Green and where they will be staying.  If your cabin has a full kitchen or just a microwave and a mini frig and there are two or three of you sharing the cabin letting each person be responsible for one dinner does help cut cost.


     If you need help or have any other questions you can contact Dwyne C. using the the email or Jeff J. at

    Since i put this blog together Dutch John updated their facebook page and they have some new things available that should help make this trip more family oriented :


New activities and amenities coming to Dutch John Resort in the Summer of 2022!!!
We hope all of you are excited to see and join our new activities and more:
-Scenic Tours
-Guided raft tours down A & B Sections
-Putt-putt golf course
-Basketball Court
-Pickleball Court
-Indoor Boat Storage
-More Outlaw cabins
-Peddle Kayak Tours on the Gorge
-Electric bike tours
-Group campsite
-Group fire pit (rentable)
Some items may take longer to come to Dutch John Resort due to unforeseen issues but we hope to have most of these items coming in June. Stay tuned for future posts and updates!