Casting & Fly Rigging Clinic 4/8/23

Date - April 8th, 2023

Time - 10:00 am - 1:00pm

Location - Barnum Park -  360 Hooker St, Denver, CO 80219

Lower grass area - You will see us set up down there!

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There is no cost for this class

Having trouble with your cast? Need to learn to rig up faster? then this class is for you!

Casting - 

  • The basic elements of fly casting: grip, stance, and body alignment
  • The mechanics of the casting stroke: back cast and forward cast
  • The different types of fly casts: roll cast, mending, double haul, etc.
  • Tips for improving accuracy and distance
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Fly Line set up and rigging - 

  • The basics of knot tying: selecting the appropriate knot for a given task, how to tie a knot correctly, and how to test the strength of a knot
  • Common knots used in fishing, such as the improved clinch knot, perfection loop knot, and many others
  • Tips for tying knots quickly and efficiently
  • Techniques for attaching flies and rigging quickly

Overall, a fly fishing rigging clinic is a great way for beginners to learn the basics of fly fishing, as well as for experienced anglers to improve their skills and techniques.


The class will be from 10am-1pm