Annual Trips Meeting - October 19th @ 6pm

This is our annual Trips meeting to decide our club trips for 2023.

You don't want to miss this meeting!

Here is the format for a cub trip

#1 - Must have a trip captain! The more involved the captain is the better turn out for the trip!

#2 - Location - In-State only. If this is a multi day trip, the trip captain must have suggestions on places to stay and meeting locations.

#3 - Single day trips must have a meeting location and time to meet in the morning. The captain must be there!

#4 - The trip captain needs to suggest flies to use and gear. Any additional information is always helpful!

#5 - Directions need to be clear with actual road names and if possible Google directions

#6 - Lunch - Meeting location for lunch and time. If you are cooking for the members please keep all receipts and HPD will reimburse you!

#7 - Trip Captains - You are essentially the guide for the day, help members with flies and places to fish. Team up with new members and introduce them to everyone if possible.

#8 - If you are going on the trip - sign up! Every Trip will have a blog post on the website with a link to sign up. If you can not sign up for the trip but want to go give Dwyne/Jeff/Phil a call and we will sign up for you! 

#9 - Trip Captain's - During the meeting if you sign up to put a trip together you are responsible to put it on your calendar and make arrangements to be there. We plan a year out so that our members can plan their vacations and attend these events. When you forget and cancel the trip or call me 2 days before the trip and ask what to do it makes things difficult for all of us.

#10 - The end goal is to go fishing in new places and get together. The more involved you are the better!