2021 - HPD Fishing Trips

Here is the list of upcoming trip for 2021. Please keep in mind that we will be adding information to separate blog posts for each trip as we get closer to each trip. If you would like more information please contact Trips chair - Dwyne
April 15-23 Flaming Gorge/Green River - Click here for more information
4/29-5/3 Arkansas @ Salida
5/22 Antereo Reservoir
6/4-6/6 Taylor Reservoir/Taylor River
6/26-6/27 Colorado River- Granby Area - Pending More information
7/10 Clinton Reservoir - Click here for more information
8/15 Tarryall Lake - Click here for more information
8/22 - Club picnic - TBD
9/16-9/18 Gunnison/Almont Area