Fly Tying Saturday 3/6 @ 6pm

Ralph Rhodes will be teaching us two flies - 

Silhoutte Adams

Hook: Dry Fly, UE Sz 12 – 22                        (12)

Thread: 70D Black

Tail: Woodchuck guard hairs

Wing: Grizzly Hackle tips

Body: Dubbing, Muskrat, gray

Hackle: Rooster, grizzly and brown

Thorax: Dubbing, Muskrat. gray


Micro Bugger

Hook: Nymph2XL, 1XH or Jig Sz 10-16         (14)                 

Bead: Black, silver, gold, Fl Orange, Red

Rib: Wire sized to hook, Various colors         (Gold XS)

Tail: Marabou, Black, Purple, Olive, Red, Chartreuse, White

OPT Flash:     Black, Red, Silver, Pearl

Body: Marabou /Dubbing, SLF Dubbing

Hackle: Hen,


Zoom meeting -

Meeting ID: 895 1828 9613

Passcode: HPDSatTie