NEWS - Dotsero, CO Gravel Mine Proposal (Make your voice heard)

There is no hiding the fact that we need resources like gravel and sand to build the roads that take us to our favorite fishing spots. However, sometimes we can have a voice in where these resources come from.

"The gravel pits in nearby Gypsum and the Hidden Valley Mine a few miles north of Dotsero will provide 40 more years of gravel from more appropriate land zones.  The long term impacts of this project far outweigh the 10 years of economic benefit the mine will provide.  A primary goal of The Dotsero Plan is the preservation of its world class recreational offerings like rafting, hunting, fishing, hiking, and its agriculture lands and open range characteristics.  We must not allow powerful corporations and a few select individuals to overturn these important designations for their personal gain.  This thing has a very good chance of passing if the general public, specifically the fly fishing industry, does not get more involved. " - Rincon Mine Summary

Do the research ... and if you feel strongly, make your voice heard!

Your voice is needed to STOP THE RINCON MINE. :: Cutthroat Anglers (

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