Drifters Derby 2023

2023 Drifters Derby

Challenge Starts January 1, 2023 and Ends November 30, 2023

Catch and photograph any of the species listed and submit for your chance to win!

The prizes for this challenge will be 10 monthly drawings for a $20 gift certificate to the HPD Club store on our website. These drawings will start in February with the submitted entries from January. At the club Christmas party, we will have our final drawing with all the entries from the Jan 1 - October 31. This drawing will be for one of 5 gift cards ranging in value from $50- $200 dollars. 

The rules for the Drifters Derby

  • Starts Jan 1,2023 and ends on October 31,2023
  • Open to all HPD members and their families
  • Fish may be caught anywhere in the U.S.
  • Send a picture of the fish caught to Derby@flyfisherscolorado.com
  • In the subject line list the species and HPD members name or family member who caught the fish
  • Only one entry per species. No double entries of a species allowed
  • Each accepted entry will be awarded one ticket to be used in both the monthly and the final drawing at the Christmas Party. ( you do not need to be present to win )
  • Monthly drawing will start with the HPD members meeting in February and the last one will be in November.

 Make sure you turn in your pictures each month so that you can be included in the monthly drawing, all tickets will be returned to the bucket and can be used multiple times, you could in theory win 15 times , just depends on whose ticket in drawn . Good luck and have a great time fishing.

This challenge is not timed or a contest of who catches the most, but just an opportunity to get out and fish for both warm and cold water species. You are not stuck in the confines of the borders of Colorado, but if you are fortunate enough to be travelling in another state and happen to catch a species that you have not already turned in, please do so and continue to enjoy your vacation, as this challenge is valid in all 50 states.