Club Challenges and Events

    As we move closer to the start of new year , we are going to add some things to try and vary the offerings of the club to its members. These will all be things that can be accomplished individually or in groups. The largest purpose of these events or challenges is to promote exploring new waters , new species or maybe a new technique or presentation and maybe a  fly that you don't normally use.

    As you are making attempts at these challenges , please take pictures and document your adventures, successes and near misses . So that those of us following you may follow your tracks or maybe find a path of our own. We would appreciate your treating the areas that you discover, not  as a new found honey hole, but rather as areas off the beaten path to be shared with old and new friends alike.  As you upload your picture and short write ups to, I will get them posted to our social media sites for all to enjoy .

    If enough interest is expressed ,we can look into scheduling some of these as club trips , but until that time , please post to Facebook if you would like to make a day outing available to others in the club. Please keep in mind that these are only challenges and not a competition. Keep it fun , challenge other club members with your successes or your near misses, but keep it fun. 

   Keep an eye out after these challenges are rolled out as more information will be posted in relation to each individual challenges as well as updates to them as we see how things are working out . At this time none of the challenges have time limits on them.